State Road 37 Improvements


After years of collaboration between the City of Fishers, City of Noblesville, Hamilton County and Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) to address the traffic congestion and public safety challenges along the State Road (SR) 37 corridor, plans are underway to rehabilitate the corridor from 126th Street to 146th Street.

Environmental & Design Phase

The infrastructure improvement project now enters the environmental study and design phase. The City of Fishers will manage the design and construction for the duration of the project. Residents, business owners and other stakeholders are encouraged to subscribe to Drive Fishers Emails Notification and check Project Updates regularly.

The SR 37 Challenges

SR 37 is a four-lane, north-south corridor serving the residents of Hamilton County, the City of Fishers and the City of Noblesville. It is currently owned and operated by INDOT. More than 50,000 vehicles travel the corridor each day, and they are regulated at each of the cross streets with traffic signals that are becoming more overloaded as time passes. The challenges include:

  • Unacceptable wait times on local cross streets. Because SR 37 moves 50,000 cars per day, the traffic green lights are long for commuters on SR 37 and short on cross streets. Residents have expressed frustration with having to sit through multiple lights before getting across SR 37.
  • Increased traffic. As Fishers and other Hamilton County areas continue to develop, more commuters travel SR 37, creating more congestion.
  • Unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists. Because of the traffic flow and short green lights on the cross streets, it is nearly impossible for pedestrians and cyclist to cross SR 37 safely. Residents have often commented on the lack of connectivity along this corridor.
  • Congestion on feeder roadways. During the PM peak hours, traffic on northbound I-69 gets congested at Exit 205 (116th Street/SR 37 exit). Also, a high-volume of commuters exit I-69 on to SR 37 only to be stopped at the 126th Street intersection traffic signal. This creates congestion and stop-and-go traffic that backs up onto I-69 and results in travel delays and the occasional accidents.

Project Scope

While a more detailed scope of the project will be developed as the design phase of each interchange is completed, the proposed improvement project will convert SR 37 from 126th Street to 146th Street from a signalized-intersection, divided highway to a separated-grade parkway.

Traffic Changes Notice

The traffic signals will be removed and replaced with roundabout interchanges at each local cross street similar to Keystone Parkway in the City of Carmel. In addition, the roundabout interchanges will include sidewalks and crosswalks to allow for pedestrian and cyclist traffic.


The SR 37 improvement project will cost an estimated $124 million to complete. The breakdown of funds include:

  • INDOT to contribute $100 million
  • Hamilton County to contribute $12 million
  • City of Fishers to contribute $12 million

Coming Next

As impact studies and project design move forward, the City of Fishers will proactively communicate updates to the residents, business owners and news media.

Information Meeting

Business owners, neighborhood associations and individuals can request an information meeting to discuss the project with project officials.